The scents, the bustle and the restlessness…


About Us

Courses and drinks from faraway places arrive to the table at Soão, as well as the gastronomic culture of the ancient people – what to eat, how and when to eat it. Japan, India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Indonesia and Laos are the countries that are included in the itinerary of a journey lead.

The decor is the mirror of the restaurant’s concept: detailed, with good taste and unique and original pieces, where the work of some of the best Portuguese artists and craftsmen are highlighted. In every detail, a brief memory of mythical places; at each step, a small mystery and a discovery. At Soão, there aren’t two experiences alike

What people say about us…

  • "Well, Soão has become my favorite restaurant."

    Carolina Maia
  • “A hymn to Asian food in a true taste experience.”

    Fernando Santos Gomes
  • "This is truly an uncommon experience. From the ambience to the service everything is really well thought."

    Gonçalo Sobreira
  • "These Dakgangjeong were crunchy and came well covered with Korean sauce and sesame seeds. I risk saying they were the best I've ever had."

    Rita da Nova